Our Shows

Our Shows

Our shows are conceived with the people in mind. There are so many challenges our Gospel artists are facing. The evangelical sector needs a lot of structuring and improvements at all levels. And the people of God want to better connect with the Word.

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APA (Atis pou Atis)


This is the most popular show to date. Live worship and Praise, prayers, advice, education, promotion, information. New artists are discovered. Hits are made. Every soul is blessed.

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Sòti Pou Antre


This is the daily Morning  prayer show (Monday-Friday, 6-7AM) where people charge their morning with the Holy Spirit for the rest of the day.

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Nan Pye Lakwa


This prayer show is a “Veille de Nuit” where the people of God and those looking for God come to worship and praise Him. In this atmosphere of prayers of power and grace, faith produces miracles!

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